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My First Development Club Podium

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

I started the Development Club at Brentwood Karting in the middle of November 2019. Development Club is where you go every week on a Thursday from 5pm at the Brentwood Track if your aim is to start racing competitively in the league.

You are taught the correct racing lines and given tips on improving your lines and lap times from the Race Instructor (Ben). After a 15 minute qualifying session you, you get to walk the track and talk through the lines with Ben and the other cadets. You then head out for a 15 minute race in your qualifying positions, fastest lap first etc.

Tonight I got my first podium place in the Development Club. P3, lots of room for improvement still but it was a pretty good feeling.

Just before the session I actually had private 1-2-1 session with Ben on track, so he must be a very good teacher for a podium place straight after.

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