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My 2nd Race League At Brentwood Karting

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

It's the end of my 2nd Season at Brentwood Karting and improvements were 100% made, I was no longer getting lapped in every race, which was a start. I didn't manage to top my incredible 26 points in 1 round from last season, but was consistently gaining points in 11 out of 12 rounds, a huge improvement for me.

I was still towards the back end of the B Finals, but slowly making my way up the field. In my 2nd Season I finished 14th out of 28 Drivers with a total points score of 131 points and feel proud of this development. I didn't massively jump up the table from P18 in my first season but I more than doubled my points tally.

Lets hope for more points next season and to keep pushing to better myself.

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