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It's The Last Pre-Season Test For Club100

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

So today I was back at Buckmore for the last Pre-Season test that I can take part in until the Academy Day at Shenington next month. I had my new weighted seat so this was the first time out in a Club100 kart in that & was hoping for positive results like I have had at Brentwood when I have gone out in it.

So at the previous test session, it was split into 2 sessions of 15 minutes, this time there was no break so it was just a straight 30 minute session which I think I preferred.

I didn't actually receive the finalised timings after the race but think I finished either 3rd or 4th on the day, either way I know that my fastest lap was a 47.236 which I was really pleased with as my fastest in the last session that I was there was a 49.978, so a great improvement of 2.7 seconds this time.

My best lap time come towards the beginning of the session and I couldn't really improve much as there was 26 people on track so once you started coming up to the back runners you was in traffic at one point or another on the lap which made improvements difficult.

Right at the end of the session I was involved in an incident where someone was trying to avoid a kart that had spun but collected me instead and I ended up in the barrier which HURT! It took my breath away a bit, but I got off of the racing line and got myself back to the pits to give myself a minute. I then got straight back on track and made sure that I made a couple of passes before the chequered flag come down.

I also got a quick pic with Steve 'Super GT' Alvarez Brown from Team Quadrant.

I really enjoyed the session and can't wait for Academy Day next month in Shenington. #letsgo

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