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It's Season 9 Presentation Time

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

So we are at the end of the Season and the last complete season of 2022, which can only mean 1 thing, everyone has to dust off their dancing shoes, leave the race suits at home and actually do their hair for an evening of food, drink, dancing & awards!

I had won my 3rd Consecutive Cadet Championship this Season, so I was 100% going home with some silverware. This years Special Guest was Matt Luff who originally started his career at Brentwood Karting and this year was crowned the Honda Civic Cup 2022 Champion and I had the priviledge of receiving my trophy from him.

Presentation Of The Cadet Champion Trophy

Cadet Podium For Autumn 2022 Season

Mikey (Left, P2) & George (Right, P3)

After the presentation of the Race League Podiums, we then moved on to a special award of the evening, which was the Brentwood Karting Recognition Award.....

This was an award that I was not expecting at all. I have really enjoyed my time coaching in the Development Club and hope to continue doing it for as long as Brentwood will have me!

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