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Buckmore Park Junior Championship - Round 7

We are back to Buckmore Park for the penultimate round and things are certainly too close to call, so what happened at Round 7?

So we headed out for the 5 minute practice as usual and the kart didn't feel too bad and was top of the time sheets, not by a massive margin but for my first heat I was starting near the front of the grid so it shouldn't have been too much of an issue.

Heat 1 was up and I was starting P3 on the grid. I got a really good launch and by the time I was heading the Hairpin 1 I already had the lead of the race. This was now about putting my head down and putting in as many perfect laps as I could to build a lead before I started to get caught from behind. It was a pretty straightforward race and I comfortably took the lead.

Heat 2 was next and I was starting from further back in this Heat in P11. This was going to be a tougher challenge. I didn't get the best of starts but lap after lap I was steadily making my way through the pack once I got myself into P2 I had a good battle with Rory O'Regan at the front for a few laps but managed to get past and take the lead. As soon as I was through I put in some consistent times and claimed my 2nd win of the day.

Heat 3 was up and I was starting P14. Again, was just after a solid finish in order to get myself preferably on pole for the A Final. It was a slower start to the race and it certainly took me a few laps to get into a rhythm by the time I had cleared the majority of the pack I was sitting in P3 with Mikey & Ben ahead of me but they were just too far up the road for me to catch but was happy overall with P3. It was a solid set of results again for the day.

Next up was the A Final and I was starting Pole with Charlie next to me. From previous experiences I needed to make sure that I got a really good launch and started pulling a gap straight away and all was going to plan until I got down the bottom end of the track and lost the lead. The race was actually restarted so we was all placed back into formation and Clint come out to talk to all drivers about contact and loading into the corners.

We all got back into the karts again for the restart. I now had an idea about where I had to be stronger and place my kart to fend off Charlie and managed to keep the lead for the entire race, that was until the very last corner where I was pushed wide (which was deemed a racing incident, but debatable in my book) and I dropped from 1st to 6th. I was fuming. I went up to Race Control and was told that it was a racing incident.

Not the end to the Race that I was hoping for but that's racing and I'm still leading the Championship by 4 points with the final round in October. I was actually due to miss the round as I would have been on holiday but I've changed my dates and will be there to fight again for the Championship Trophy. Let's see what Round 8 brings.

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