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Buckmore Park Junior Championship - Round 5

We were back to Buckmore Park this evening for Round 5 of the Junior Championship after what felt like a really long break in-between rounds.

We started out as normal with a 5 minute practice and the kart that I had felt really good, so much so that at the end of the session I was .800 clear of the pack, so I knew that I had a fast kart.

For Heat 1 I was starting P4 on the grid. I got a really good start and by the first corner I was already into P2. It took a few laps before I managed to clear the front runner but as soon as I was in the lead I put in some fast laps and started pulling a gap to P2. I crossed the line with a 5.7 second lead and took my first win of the day.

Heat 2 I was starting P10 on the grid. I didn't really get a good getaway and was on the outside of the track which isn't always the best place to be. I managed to pull away enough to find a gap on the inside to slide into and in doing this made up a place. Going into Hairpin 1 I was getting hit from behind but managed to hold the kart and kept pushing forward. The next few laps was just about making steady progress through the pack and keeping out of trouble. In the end I secured my 2nd win of the day, today was going very well and just needed to keep the momentum going.

Heat 3 was up and I was starting from P12 on the grid, my furthest position back yet on the grid, this was going to b a tough race. Again I was on the outside of the grid and didn't get a great start, this time there was no gap to slip into so I hung to the outside of the grid which was actually the best place to be as there was lots of contact on the inside so I stayed out of trouble and made up positions again. A few corners later there was even more contact from behind and I literally got slammed into someone but we both managed to stay the right way and carried on although I did lose a position. I put my head down and carried on making progress through the pack and in the end made my way to the front and won the 3rd heat. I was concentrating so much that I didn't actually realise that the heat had finished! So that was 3 heat wins & 3 fastest laps in those heats, it was all looking pretty good.

The A Final was next and could I take that win to round off a perfect round? I was starting pole with Ben Hamilton next to me on the grid, so I needed to get the best possible start as I knew he would be quick and could take the lead into the first corner. I got the start I needed and lead going into the first corner. The kart unfortunately just didn't have the pace I needed in order to keep the others behind me, so in the end I had to settle for 4th.

I was a little disappointed with the overall Final result, HOWEVER, this round has been my best points scoring Round due to the strong Heat results. This has now bought my within 1 point of my Class Leader, with 8 Rounds in total and 2 drop rounds, this season is just starting to get interesting!

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