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Buckmore Park Junior Championship - Round 1

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Today was the first round of the new championship at Buckmore Park and what can I say? Well, it certainly was NOT the way that I wanted to start the season that is for sure. It was one of them situations where I just couldn't do anything right and in the end was all about damage limitation.

In Heat 1 I started P16, made a flying starting getting up into P8 & was then black flagged, so all the progress that I had made was taken away and I went back out again in P16. Looking back at the footage I don't think I deserved a black flag as the kart in front of me turned in too soon for the corner and lost control and in turn I ended up hitting him as there was nowhere for me to go, but sometimes you just have to let it go and get back on track as soon as possible to gain positions again. With the clock ticking down the best I could manage was P14, very disappointing.

Heat 2 I started P7 and was running in 3rd with good pace and was hit from behind and completely taken out of the race, in the end I wasn't even sure where I finished, but it was not where I deserved to be, I think it was P11 or P12. I come off track fuming.

Heat 3 was more positive starting P6 and had an incident free race but the best that I could do was P4.

This made a starting position of P10 in the Final. I had a brilliant final, made up positions well and had a good battle for 3rd. I took 3rd on the final lap only to be beaten across the line and finishing overall 4th on the day.

I left feeling quite deflated, as this was not the start of the season that I was hoping for but that's racing for you and all things considering with the results that I had it wasn't a bad finishing position in the end. Onwards to Round 2 in April.

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