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Brentwood Super League - Season 1 - Round 6

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

So, we are back for Round 6 of the Championship and the halfway point. To say I feel disappointed with how the season is going is an understatement and hoping that there will be a turning point soon. At least this Round can't get any worse than last weeks last place.

Quali session was up first and the kart that I was in had won a previous heat so I was hoping for good things but I don't know what had been done to it in-between winning that heat and me getting in it but it was awful, there was no point that it felt like it had any pace in it and was just generally slow, hence my P12 Quali.

Heat 1 was going to be a reverse track rolling start and I got absolutely trousered off of the start and was sitting firmly last! There was some contact up ahead which see Trent spinning round and a ABC was issued so that helped me out in the fact that I was no longer last on the track! It then took me a few laps to even start getting close to Max and Beau who were battling in front of me, the kart just had nothing to offer in terms of pace and thought that I was just going to be a sitting duck for the others once they caught up.

I did manage to finally get past Max but just had nothing to fight with for Beau's position. I had Trent and Jack both on my tail for the remainder of the race and it was certainly one of the best defensive drives I've shown yet in the Supers, they were both all over me. I had never been so relieved to see that chequered flag. It was nice that Trent come over after the race to tell me well done, not quite sure he 100% meant it as I cost him a place though - ha ha! But was happy with P11 as that kart was awful and I managed to hold up the top 2 championship players, no easy task.

The positive side of doing badly in the 1st Heat is that you always get a better chance in the 2nd Heat as you start nearer the front and with being at the lower end of the Championship table I was starting Pole in Heat 2.

POLE - A place that I haven't seen in a while now at Race League and a starting position that I would like to see much more of! This was a rolling start and I had control of the pace. I got a really good start and Kart 5 was on fire in comparison to the last one I had. All that kept ringing in my ears with every lap was Dan's words of advice.... "GET A GAP & BUGGER OFF!"

From what I was told of what was going on behind me there was quite a few battles and with everyone else fighting for positions this pretty much gave me good breathing room to just concentrate on placing my kart right and getting the hell out of there. In the end I secured the win with a comfortable 6.982 second gap and my 1st Super League Heat Win, I was concentrating so much that I didn't even see the chequered flag..... I'm still a way off of a Round win but we take the positives wherever you can in this league!

Because of this Heat win I was starting P5 in the A Final and went straight in, I didn't have to gain promotion to this, so I was really pleased with that in itself. So again, we was reverse circuit and a rolling start and I got a great start, putting myself into P2 when, you guessed it..... it was restarted. FUMING.

The restart was nowhere near as good as the first start and I remained in P5 until Jack went off wide and I moved up a position. Things were going very well for me in the race, I was holding my positon and then THE BELT BROKE ON MY KART. It was a push back to the pits and a change over of karts and I was sent back out into the race in positon with 1 min 36 secs of the race left, but the whole grid was bunched up and I was a sitting duck with a stone cold kart and everyone just ploughed through on the outside of me and there was nothing I could do, so ended up finishing LAST. I was just gutted.

Onwards again to Round 7.

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