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Brentwood Super League - Season 1 - Round 5

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Happy New Year everyone! So after my school skiing trip and Christmas, we was finally back at Brentwood for Round 5 of the Championship.

We headed out for the Quali session and I didn't feel at all comfortable in the kart, the track felt like ice and I had zero grip so was bumping into barriers and missing lines all over the place, so my Quali time was pretty poor, P10 and was just hoping that I could make something up in the race.

Heat 1 was a rolling start and to say it was a joke was an understatement, we had 3 attempts at getting it underway before the rolling start was aborted and went to a standing start.

I didn't get the best of starts, but held my position. Going down towards Paddock I was run wide off of track but manage to hold it. The next lap I was spun off from contact behind and literally watched as a whole train of people went past. Following this it was just a case of damage limitation & from being down in P14, the best I could manage was P9.

Next up was Heat 2 and reverse track. I headed over to the Grid and my kart died.... great news! Damo had to hold the kart from the back while I kept the revs going so that it stayed running. I got a great start (maybe we should consider this method going forward!) and soon found myself in the lead of the race for it to be restarted, no idea why!

Naturally the restart didn't go as well for me. I held onto P3 but when the top 2 was battling I made a move and got hung out to dry on the outside with me falling down the order and to add insult to injury was then spun out from contact behind for the 2nd time in this round, finishing up P13.

This then put my starting P2 in the C Final, a very new experience for me as I have never been in a C Final in my whole time of racing at Brentwood! By this time the bright sunshine had gone and the rain had started to fall and it pretty much summed up my mood.

In order to promote up to the B Final, I needed a C Final win. The kart went nowhere off of the line and went straight down to P3. P1 & P2 were battling, so I slipped through on the inside to take the lead. I just needed to build a gap and push to get away from the pack. Contact was then made going through Bubba's and I was was pushed wide, personally I felt that should have been an ABC in my favour but this was not given. I lost the lead and again, the crazy train just all went through. Towards the end of the race I was knocked wide, straight through the barrier and as it had been raining the kart just beached on the grass. This was game over for me and my worst finishing position ever since being at Brentwood, absolute last.

The good news is next week can't get any worse than this round, a definite one to forget.

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