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Brentwood Super League - Season 1 - Round 3

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

We are back to Brentwood for Round 3 of the Super League on another cold morning. The best that I could manage in the Quali session was P6 out of 12, so midway on the grid which wasn't too bad.

The first heat was a reverse track and I was on the outside of the grid which is not ideal and it was a rolling start. The kart went absolutely nowhere off of the line. The next few laps I slowly made some progress through the grid after the appalling start and finished P4, so I was pleased with that result.

Next up was Heat 2 and I was starting P7 on the grid. To start off with the kart didn't move off of the line so the heat was restarted. This told me all I needed to know about how good this kart was going to be. Joe had to come over and put his foot in front of the kart while I kept the revs up to get it off of the line..... not ideal.

I made up initial positions but the kart just lacked pace in comparison to others and once they were past they just went off into the distance and I finished down in P10 - disappointing.

Next up was the B Final & I was starting P5 on the grid. I got a fairly good start to the race but at Bubba's I was punted wide straight off & through the barrier. After this the race was over for me really. I was being overtaken under yellow flags and when I got the positions back was proceeded to be smashed into for the remainder of the race. Finishing up P12. I'm not going to be at Brentwood next week as I will be going skiing with the school, so maybe I'm going to be getting a well needed break after this round!

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