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Brentwood Super League - Season 1 - Round 2

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

We are back at Brentwood for Round 2 of the Super League & after making it into the A Final in the first round I was hoping again for another solid round.

So we headed out for the Quali session and I hated every second of being in that kart! The kart was just snapping going into corners and was sliding everywhere and just felt like you could very easily lose it at any point and this reflected in the Qualifying where I placed 9th - awful.

Just had to hope for a better race and that something could be pulled out of the bag and the start was actually really positive, there was a bit of commotion happening towards the outside of the track which I avoided and slipped straight through and gained quite a few positions and found myself in P3. As I said though this kart was a handful and I knew that as soon as the others got themselves up to speed I was going to be in trouble or have to put up the defensive drive of my life.

As predicted there was faster karts that I just had nothing against and my kart was just bunny hopping round the corners coming out of Paddock as I just watched Beau pulling off into the distance. As I'm learning very quickly with Super League if you come under attack you are generally going to lose at least 2 places, you try to defend against 1 and in doing so someone else pops up the inside and its game over! So now was just a case of trying to hold on and not give any further positions away and keep piling on as much pressure as possible to see if we could make anything back.

As we come round the final corner I see the chequered flag in sight and dived to the outside in the hope that I may be able to take the place from Nathan and it worked as I crossed the line P5. Back in the Cadet days I would have seen P5 as a complete failure, but you really have to work for the positions in this league and was happy with that. Positions had been made up from my starting position and I even got someone on the line. Let's keep going for Heat 2.

Heat 2 was a reverse track and I still don't understand where you start for the 2nd Heat, maybe by the end of the season I will have more of a clue, but at the moment I am 100% clueless but started out P5 in this one. It was a reverse circuit race and I was starting on the inside. Off of the line it was a slow start but Alex who was in front of me got pushed on the grass so I kept my foot down and moved up and made up a few places by sticking to the inside and taking advantage of others going wide.

This was where things all started to go wrong for me, after all of the good progress I had made getting myself up into P3, my kart started cutting out in places and before I knew it I just had people overtaking me all over the place and ended up finishing P6 which I was so disappointed with.

I was starting out P3 in the B Final, so was aiming for the top 2 in order to progress into the A Final. Off the line I was pushed onto the grass so remained in P3. Going for a move into P2 I went wide and as soon as I did it I knew it was the wrong thing to do and ended up losing position. There was a lot of battling throughout the race and positions going up and down and 3 & 4 wide going into corners and in the end I finished P4, not good enough for a promotion to the A Final this week and heading home early.

Onwards to Round 3.

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