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Brentwood Super League - Season 1 - Round 8

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

So here we go, Round 8 of the Super League & after a really positive Thursday night practice session where I won 1 Race and was P2 in the second, I had renewed belief that I can do this & my run of bad luck with broken karts was over.

I drew Kart 16 which has been a positive kart recently, so my aim for the first heat was to smash Quali. As I've said in recent weeks I've really struggled with this & can't seem to switch these karts on as quickly I was able to do the cadets, so I had to give myself space and put in a decent lap.

The kart didn't really want to turn right, left was fine but right it was hard work and I seem to be having these issues every week. However, this Quali session went much better than recent weeks & I was starting P4 on the grid, it was on the outside which isn't the best starting position as you generally get held out wide or pushed into a barrier.

The start got underway and I was held on the outside and down into Swimming Pool I went into the barrier but still managed to keep going but was rapidly falling down the order. This was the part when I needed to dig deep & pull something out of the bag. I made some really good moves, bided my time to make a move & in the words of Dan Lee I "buggered off". In the end I finished P5 but come from P11 so I was really pleased with my performance.

Heat 2 was up next and I was starting P4 on the grid. It was a reverse track rolling start and I got a good start where I went straight into P3 and you guessed it, the Heat was restarted. Gutted, I fell back into place again and we went for another restart. This time we got underway and I got a good start again and maintained the P3. A few laps later I made the move going into Swimming Pool for P2 and pole was in my sights. I knew I was faster than him and made a move again going into Swimming Pool and took the lead, this move was deemed an ABC and I had to give the position back and in doing so dropped massively down the order again.

The hard work had to start all over again. Again, steadily I started catching up with the pack and making some really good moves and making them stick. Slowly making my way back up the order until I finally finished P3, I was over the moon with that performance.

Next up was the A Final and I was starting P6 on the grid. It had so far been a very good day for me and to make it straight into the A Final was a huge result for me. Again, I was on the outside and it was a reverse track there was a lot of contact and I managed to escape unharmed and found myself sitting in P3 - brilliant, until you guessed it.....


The 2nd restart wasn't great and I remained in P6. At one point in this race I had managed to work myself up to P3 and then went wide and again it was GAME OVER as the crazy train just ploughed through and I was sitting well down the order. The kart didn't have the pace to get back through and the remainder of the race was spent being smashed into not once, not twice but three times for good measure. Of what could have been, yet again. BUT, the positives......

I had 2 excellent heats where I overtook some of the leagues front runners and held them on the outside of the track, payback for other rounds maybe - ha ha. I was so disappointed with the final result, but good points were banked for Round 8 and we fight on again for Round 9.

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