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Brentwood Race League - Season 7 - Round 4

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

I'm back at Brentwood for Round 4 of the Cadet Race League. So far this season has kicked off in a really positive way and I'm just waiting for a bad week to hit as law of averages should say that I'm due for a dodgy week. However, it wasn't this week!

It was another really positive week for me. I qualified pole for my first heat and got a really good getaway and had a bit of a lonely race out front on my own, eventually crossing the line with an 8.6 second lead.

Heat 2 I started from the back of the grid due to winning Heat 1. The start was pretty chaotic and it was safer for me to hang back for a few laps than try to make my way through the grid and bide my time. I made some good moves and as the kart I had had good pace did make my way to the front, claiming my 2nd win of the day.

As I had a grid penalty from last weeks P3 finish, I started 3rd in the A Final. This week we was doing another Le Mans start and I was hoping to get off to a good start, this didn't happen! I managed to get myself half stuck on the seat getting into the kart and didn't get full acceleration to get off the line and quickly dropped from 3rd to 6th.

The only hope I had was that we was going the right way around the track, not reverse so I could make up positions if I kept my head down and pushed all the way. There was a lot of battles going on ahead of me for positions so I waited for my chance and while they was fighting took advantage of that and slipped through. I managed to get myself up into 2nd and despite having a really quick kart, George's kart was just on fire and couldn't close the gap. I ended up finishing P2 and considering the start that I had was really pleased with this. Onwards to Round 5.

Collecting my P3 Trophy from last weeks league.

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