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Brentwood Race League - Season 7 - Round 10

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

It's Sunday morning and we are back to Brentwood Karting again for Round 10 of the Championship. I went into this Round knowing that if I could secure a win it would put me in the best possible position to take a big step forward towards clinching my first ever Championship Title.... no pressure then!

During the warm up laps I was actually really pleased with my kart, other than the first lap where the tyres were cold and I almost ended up in a barrier, but once the kart was warmed up it was a rocket. I managed to secure Pole position for Heat 1.

I got off to a really good start but before I knew it a cheeky Laurie decided to slip up the inside which I wasn't expecting at all. It was then a head down battle to get back my pole position which I did and secured P1 for the first heat.

Moving onto Heat 2, I was starting at the back of the grid following my penalty for winning the first heat. I was pleased with the kart that was picked for me as it had won the previous heat, so I knew that it had good pace in it. Onto the rolling start and not one that I got the best get away from to be honest. This heat was very chaotic all the way through but I knew that I just needed to get as far up the grid as possible to ensure that I got a good starting position in the final. After a few wheel to wheel battles and at one point going 3 wide into Paddock I finally finished the heat in P3. I was really pleased with that and was hopeful for a strong starting position in the final.

The A Final was next and I was Pole! All I needed was to keep the momentum going for the final, another curve ball was thrown, not only was this going to be a reverse track, it was also starting as a Le Mans start. I got off to a great start but again got my foot caught as I jumped in the kart, dropping down to 3rd, I couldn't believe it.

My kart had some really good pace and seemed to be better than the 2 karts that was in front of me, so going down some of the straights I felt more confident to late break and reclaimed 2nd. Next up was George and he went a little wide, seeing this I made the move to move up next to him, got my head down and managed to make the corner first to reclaim 1st position.

As soon as I was through I knew I just had to keep my head down and not make any further mistakes. I think I had a bit of luck on my side to be honest as Ethan was all over the back of Phoenix throughout the whole race and because of this Phoenix had to defend which meant he couldn't attack me. After what felt like forever the chequered flag was finally waved to claim my 2nd win of the season.

This win has now secured me a 17 point lead in the Championship with 2 rounds to go. Next week will be a tough round as I now face a 5 place grid penalty, but equally I could actually secure my First Championship, so next week really is going to be the biggest Race Weekend of my life. Let's hope for a positive round.

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