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Brentwood Race League - Season 7 - Round 1

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

So here we are, back on zero points heading into Season number 7 for me at Brentwood.

Quali wasn't too bad this week, I qualified 2nd for Heat 1 but George's kart was so much faster than me that he just flew off and left me behind. I ended up in a battle with Phoenix and we swapped positions on a few occasions, in the end he come out on top, so I finished P3, this wasn't what I was hoping for as the heat points really do make a difference to the league points, so I needed a really strong 2nd heat.

I started P8 in Heat 2 and needed to get through the pack quickly. I made up some initial places on the rolling start with George hot on my heels. I made a few bold moves & ended up winning the Heat which gave me much needed points.

With Heat finishes of P3 & P1, I was lined up on the A Final starting P2. Straight off of the line I managed to slot in behind George, my kart felt faster than George, but on a reverse track it's quite hard to pass. I tried on a few occasions to go round the outside but couldn't quite make the move stick. On the last attempt we did actually clip wheels and I dropped back to P3 and finished there.

In terms of weekends, I was really pleased with the start to the new season, securing 31 points in round 1 & the first podium of the season. Hopefully this is the way the season will continue.

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