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Brentwood Karting - Season 6 - End Of Season Report

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

When you see that Dan has sent a message on the WhatsApp Group saying that the end of season report has been published, you half hold your breath as you read seeing what "compliments" has has said about your season or reminds you of things you would rather have forgotten about. This season Dan was really complimentary about us all, I knew he liked us really! Attached below is the full report, highlights were as follows:

"With 109 drivers taking part in the Cadet and Senior League this season" - WOW 109 that's unreal!

"The top 6 drivers in the Cadet Championship are 6 of the finest drivers in the country without a doubt! Everyone of the top 6 have the ability to win the Championship, not just at Brentwood but any form of Championship Karting."

"This season’s Championship was very much like Noah’s Ark with drivers racing two by two separated by the smallest of margins: If Jesus and Ethan were the heavyweights then these two must be in the Middleweight Division.

Everyone’s favourite Hamilton: Ben Hamilton! That’s everyone’s favourite Hamilton inside the top 10 😊. Ben had his forever shadow, Jack “I’M SO GOOD AT RUNNING” Stedman!

Ben started his campaign in the best way with maximum points in Round 1 which is where Jack had his worse result of the season, it didn’t take long for Jack to bounce back in the best fashion: Maximum points in Round 2! This fight was going to go the distance Third placed swapped positions several times throughout the season and I’m sure it would have continued to do so should the Championship be longer, but after 12 rounds It was Ben who came out on top. Just! 2 points the difference for the final podium place with Ben being the cat with the cream. A great Championship from both drivers."

"Thanks to all those who have taken part in this season’s Race League: I still believe the League here is by far the best and most competitive karting Championship in the UK. The League is designed to be difficult and leave you all frustrated much more than making you all happy."

Full Race Report Below:

Download PDF • 1.69MB

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