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Brentwood Karting Race League - Season 9 - Round 8

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

So we were back to Brentwood Karting for Round 8 of the Cadet Championship and was hoping for a solid result as I will not be racing next week as we are taking a well deserved family holiday over the half term.

I had a really good kart for the Quali, it was just so grippy and I secured the pole position. On the start line my kart was sounding like it was going to be a rocket ship off of the line, but as the lights was about to change the engine started to cut out a little which made me really nervous, I was just hoping that it was going to last the race and it did thankfully, as soon as we was underway it seemed fine.

Heat 2 was a completely different story. As I was heading out onto track I noticed that the fuel was running a little low and as everyone headed out onto the grid someone next to me kart stopped. We was all then then sent back to the pits for refuelling as some were questionable to make it to the end of the race.

We was lined up again for Heat 2 and I was starting at the back of the grid in P10. Off of the start there was a bit of chaos ahead which resulted in someone going off into a barrier and some others going wide, so I took full advantage of that and made a good start.

The kart that I had had great straight line speed and was steadily making my way through the pack. I got myself up into 4th and then couldn't progress any further, not through lack of pace but was because of the sheer amount of contact that I was receiving from behind, ABC's were given in my favour when the positions were being lost through bump and passes but it just made it impossible to get any momentum and move forward when at every corner I was being hit and in the end had to settle for 4th.

Because of the delay at the beginning of Heat 2 unfortunately my helmet camera ran out of battery so I didn't capture any of the final footage. Unfortunately, the kart that I had wasn't the best and I was starting in P8 due to my grid penalty for the previous weeks win. Progress was very slow through the pack but I managed to cross the line in P5 on the day, however I was promoted up to P4 due to a higher points score than George who finished 1 place in front of me.

I'm now off for a well earned weeks holiday in the sun and will be returning for Round 10 of the Championship, stayed tuned for all the news, you won't want to miss the next few weeks.... trust me!

Round 7 Podium Picture

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