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Brentwood Karting Race League - Season 9 - Round 10

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

I'M BACK!! So after a lovely 10 days in Dubai, relaxing, riding Quad Bikes and Camels through the Desert & having my first go on a Hydrofoil Surfboard I was back at a VERY wet Brentwood Karting Race Track.

All season I have been dying for some wet racing and while I was away not only did they get a wet race, they also got a wet practice - I was gutted. So today I was really looking forward to getting out on track, all suited for a full on wet race.

Unfortunately, my camera has had a few gremlins and issues the past few times I have used it and it has needed to go back into the workshop to have some further diagnostic tests on it so I will be without footage for a few more races.

So we headed out onto track and it was VERY wet down the end of the track at Range with some pretty serious standing water. The few laps of practice didn't go too badly, down at Range at one point I did hit the barrier, but managed to keep the kart going in the right direction. When the Quali lap come round I wasn't in the best of positions as I got myself stuck behind a relatively new driver who didn't have a lot of practice in these conditions, that being said I managed to get 2nd on the grid.

On the start of the race as I was on the outside and it was actually a better starting position in these conditions and I took the lead of the race. I held the lead for the entire race and as I was approaching the final lap I was coming up on a back marker who was shown the blue flag to move out of my way. He slowed down to let me past but didn't move off of the racing line, so I had to go around him and in doing so when I rejoined the racing line, I hit a huge puddle and lost the kart. I fell down to P3 on the final lap and there was just nothing that I could do to recover, I was gutted.

Heat 2 I was starting P7 on the track, it wasn't the greatest of races and by the time I made my way to the front Mikey had already pulled quite a gap. Then I started having George coming up fast behind me so was a bit more of a defensive race and before I knew it I had dropped back to P3. I was disappointed with my performance as this was going to be my lowest heat performance this season, but knew that it wasn't over till it was over, so it was head down and game on for the final.

I was starting P6 in the A Final and in previous rounds I have made it onto a podium from this place so was still hopeful of a decent result. The start went really well and I initially made up positions quickly, and before I knew it I was back into P3, not a position that I wasn't used to this round! By this time the rain had pretty much stopped and it was amazing as to how quickly sections of the track was drying out, so I pushed as much as I dared to and got myself up into P2 but by this time Mikey was off into the distance to claim the win. I crossed the line in P2 and also claimed the fastest lap of the day, so secured a well needed additional point after the disappointing Heat points from this round.

It just goes to show you that it is not over until it's over and P2 on the day was still a good result. I did lose out on some Championship points today to Mikey, however I still have a 22 point lead with just 2 races remaining. So as ever, we keep pushing to the very end.

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