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Brentwood Karting Race League - Season 8 - Round 4

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

We were back at Brentwood for Round 4 of the Race League. We went out for Quali and the kart that I had felt really good and I managed to secure Pole for Heat 1.

I got a really good start off of the line and the race was pretty straight forward for me and won this with a comfortable 5 second lead.

Going into Heat 2 I was starting at the back of the grid as I secured the win in the first heat. The heat started off really well and I started making my way through the pack well until I was given a 7 place ABC, so where I was in sitting in 3rd I had to drop down the pack again. I kept pushing on as hard as possible and made my way back through the pack for the 2nd time. There was an actual race to the finish line and I managed to secure 2nd place for Heat 2.

With my finishing positions in the Heats, I was starting P1 in the A Final. I got a really good start and lead the A Final for majority of the race until 2 laps from the end when a late lunge was made and no penalty given, in the end settling for P2.

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