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Brentwood Karting Race League - Season 8 - Round 3

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

We were back at Brentwood for Round 3 of the Championship today and I really wasn't happy by the end of the day. In racing you have weeks like that but there was just some really crazy moves pulled by people this week and I found it beyond frustrating, so what happened?

During my quali session I felt comfortable with the kart & qualified 2nd on the grid. At the start of the race I dropped back to 3rd after getting a slow getaway from the line. I felt quite confident that I could win the race as my kart had good pace and after a few laps I took the lead, securing maximum points for the heats.

The second heat is where I really started to get frustrated. There was an incident off of the starting line which didn't involve me but later round the track there was a section that had gone yellow, however 2 sections that I had driven through were green and there was no marshal in the start finish line so there was no flag being shown there, so I was racing for position and missed the yellow light going down the straight and took the position. As soon as I was heading into Paddock I see Joe waving the yellow flag and backed straight off, however I was hit with an ABC & a further 2 point penalty.

So I gave back the position which at the time I didn't even know what the penalty was for and got myself back into the race. The race was utter carnage from start to finish, there was drivers that was giving back ABC positions going into corners and spinning people out. Then again crashing into me which in turn crashed into someone else, but the end the best finishing position I could manage was P4.

Because of the points deduction I had received in Heat 2, this then stopped me from taking pole in the A Final and I was demoted down to P3. The Final didn't really get any better either. I got a good start, moving from P3 up to P2 but as the race got underway there was faster karts around me. I then dropped back down to P3 and when I took the position back was issued an ABC, in giving this position back I lost 2 positions and the race just went downhill from there with me finishing P5.

This was definitely a round to forget as not only do you lose points on the Sunday, these also affect the league table and in my frustration I got out of the kart (after being released) & walked across the pit lane so was issued with another points deduction, so the weekend I lost 3 points which has pretty much made it impossible for me to fight for the Championship this season.

Just need to come back stronger next week.

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