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Brentwood Karting Race League - Season 8 - Round 12

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

And just like that the chequered flag has come down on another season at Brentwood Karting, wrapping up the end to Season 8 for me. It sure was my most challenging season to date, starting off on a high with a perfect points score of 38 in Round 1, some very wobbly bits in the middle & regaining the focus after a weeks break to push on & claim my 2nd Cadet Title.

So I was going into Round 12 level on points with Rory, however I knew that he was not going to be racing at Brentwood this week as he was racing at PF International Circuit, so all I needed to do was score more than 23 points to take the title for a 2nd time. This week I was also facing a 5 place penalty so I needed solid results in order to make sure I was in the A Final.

Onto the Quali session. So I thought that I put together a pretty good lap but heading into Paddock corner there was a barrier that was sticking out a bit further than usual and I just kept clipping it which was really annoying and I think this is what caused me to Quali P2.

I didn't get the best start off the line as the 2 that I was in the middle of are both smaller than me so they flew off the line, so I dropped back to P3. Going down towards Swimming Pool, P2 took the lead and I followed through. Laurie was then handed an ABC for the move and as I had moved up into P2, he had to drop back 2 places, so I inherited the lead. They were both fighting for position so I was able to put in some quick laps and pull a lead, eventually taking the Heat win.

Heat 2 was up next and I was staring P11 on the grid. I needed to get a solid result in order to guarantee my place in the A Final. I had a really good few laps, making my way steadily through the pack and ended up settling for P2. I was really pleased with my results on the day, this should have guaranteed my place in the A Final.

The A Final was next up and I was starting P7, all I needed to do was stay there and the Championship was mine. It was decided that we would do a Le Man Start, so we was lined up waiting for the green flag to fall. I got a really good start and made up some positions straight away across the line and was in P4. I'm not really sure what was happening at the front of the grid but there was changes in the order and ABC's were issued, because of these ABC's the next thing I knew I was in P2. The chequered flag came down and I had clinched the title for the 2nd time, I was so relieved!

I had a bit of a camera malfunction this week where it wasn’t fully connected to the charger overnight, so the battery didn’t last past quali & heat 1 which was a shame as Heat 2 & the final were the better races to watch, so unfortunately no footage from the final round.

What a season it has been, certainly my most challenging to date. In the 11 weeks that I raced, I have been on the podium 7 times:

x5 P1's

x2 P2's

x5 Fastest Laps Of The Day

Finishing the season finishing on 322 points.

Next week is the return of ALLSTARS WEEK, with all cadets, seniors & super league competitors being told to get to the track for an 8.30am start, we can only wonder what delights Dan has in store for us all. Will this be 3rd time lucky as the past 2 I’ve come runner up, let’s hope so!



Social Media Post From Brentwood Karting

Quote From The End Of Season Report From Dan Lee, Race Director @ Brentwood Karting:

"Our Top 2 drivers were the business this season: Now double Champion, Jack Stedman and the Pocket Rocket Rory Hamilton!

Let us all be honest, whatever Rory has been eating for breakfast recently, we all want it!

Rory Hamilton finished 9th last season with 202 points, this season Rory fought for the Championship until the final round and finished as runner up with a staggering 310 points! The difference between last season points and this seasons 108 points is good enough to finish this Championship in 17th place, I am yet to see any driver improve with such a huge amount from one season to the next! Unfortunately, Rory had to miss the final round of the Championship despite being level on points with Championship Challenger Jack Stedman.

The Awesome Jack Stedman had a challenge this season, despite the challenge from his competitors Jack always had that little bit in reserve, winning 5 rounds of the Championship and securing a 12 point lead by the end of the Championship.

The great runner, Jack will be aiming for the Hat-Trick next season before advancing to the Super League and the Senior karts."

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