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Brentwood Karting Race League - Season 8 - Round 10

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

So the league is really hotting up now in the closing stages of the Season, with only 2 Rounds left, anything can still happen.

So in Qualifying things were going really well until I ran into traffic which destroyed the lap going into Swimming Pool, because of this I ended up Qualifying 3rd, not what I was hoping for as I knew I had a grid penalty this week for last weeks win.

I got a good start and moved straight into 2nd. I must say I think this was my favourite race of the whole season with me & Rory trading places all the way through the heat, this was until the penultimate lap where I retook the lead, only to be issued with an ABC, which meant I had to give the place back to Rory. Personally, I still didn't see what was wrong with the move but that's racing for you and in giving back the ABC dropped down to 4th. At least this meant that I would be starting the next heat on pole.

Heat 2 was next and I was starting pole. This was a stronger race as I got a good start on the rolling start and started building a gap. In the end I lead every lap and won the 2nd heat.

Due to my 5 place grid penalty I was starting P7 in the A Final. This was a bit chaotic & we had a false start, so had to go round for a 2nd time. On the start I got a decent enough start but heading into turn 1 someone from behind ploughed into the back of me and the kart just spun and in doing 3 of us were taken out of the race so again the race was restarted.

I would like to say that the restart was more successful but it really wasn't! The kart I had just didn't really have the pace to make the way through the grid and I ended up finishing where I started in P7, not the best of rounds, but not a disaster either. Onwards to Round 11 next week and no grid penalties!

Thanks to Jody @InstaKartPhotography for these awesome pics

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