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Brentwood Race League - Season 6 - Round 11

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

So today was a very wet and windy Sunday morning at Brentwood and Round 11 out of 12. I always knew that the last few weeks were going to be tough in this Championship but today I had to work really hard for the points I got!

Things didn't get off to the best of starts as I only qualified 4th, this seems to be becoming a bit of a habit of mine at the moment. I got off to a decent start but as I said the conditions were really wet and I got hit from behind and in turn I went into Mikey in front of me so I ended up with an ABC and had to give the lead back. It all got a bit messy after that and I ended up in the middle of a messy pack and dropping down the order. I battled as hard a possible in the conditions but couldn't manage anything more than P5 which I was really disappointed with.

I came off really annoyed, went back to the car, had a team talk with my mum but knew that I had to try and salvage what I could from the poor start. The 2nd heat I knew that I was starting 3rd so this was my best shot at getting maximum heat points but I needed the win.

I didn't really get the best of starts in the rolling start and fell backwards slightly. Once I got up to speed I managed to get onto the back of Dzuigas pretty quickly but all we was doing for a good 5-6 laps was trading places, as soon as I got the lead by the next corner he had got it back and vice versa, it was a pretty intense battle and one that either of us could lose out massively on. Where we was battling it ended up with the following pack catching right up to us, this did give me a bit of breathing space and Dzuigas had to stop battling and start defending. As soon as this happened I manage to pull a gap and hold the lead for maximum heat points which was what I needed.

I was then lined up on the grid in the A Final starting P7. I had to push as hard as possible to try and get as far up the grid doing a reverse track. I had a pretty decent start as far as starts go, the kart had decent pace and I managed to climb up to P5, it wasn't a disaster of a weekend but I'm not sure if I will be able to reclaim P3 now for the Championship which is really disappointing but as ever next week I will keep pushing and see what happens.

Collecting My P3 Trophy From Last Week

Huge congratulations to my pal Mikey for his first Race League podium this week.

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