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BIKC 2022 - Local Finals

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

I was invited to take part in the BIKC Local Finals at TeamSport Basildon after setting my Qualification laps back in August, so headed down to Basildon for the finals.

The format for the evening was going to be set in 3 sessions and we was split into 2 groups. I was placed in the 2nd group and when we headed out for Practice, the kart didn't feel the greatest but I was still 2nd on the time sheets, so I think everyone was struggling a bit.

Next up was the Quali session and was hoping to get a bit more out of the kart than the Practice Session, it was a bit quicker and was leading the time sheets on a few occasions but in the end was pipped to the top spot and settled for 2nd again.

The 2 groups were merged together and I was starting P3 on the grid for the A Final. The top 6 would be qualifying to the Regional Finals, so all I needed to do was hold the position and not make any silly mistakes and we would qualify. I think that everyone was all thinking the same and no one made any moves to over take or anything so it was a pretty straight forward final and I finished 3rd so we have now qualified and will be heading to Farnborough for the Regional Finals in October.

Podium Presentation

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