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Another New PB & Brentwood Track Record

Well it certainly was a cold one over at Brentwood Karting this evening. As usual I started off by completing my Volunteer work to go towards my Duke of Edinburgh Award and following that went out on track myself again for some practice sessions.

This week at home we completed my seat which Dan very kindly weighted for us, by attaching lots of foam to make a very small seat fit a very large insert snuggly so that it didn't move about too much while racing.

I asked Dan if it would be possible to test out the seat again now that I had all of the foam in there which he kindly agreed to. The seat felt perfect, wasn't moving around or anything so I think that I am now good to go.

Not only did I achieve a Race Win in the senior kart for the second week running, I also claimed my new Personal Best Lap & NEW TRACK RECORD, a 34.214. I was made up, the only thing I was disappointed about was the fact that my camera didn't record any footage - boooooooo!

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