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AllStar Cup Final & End Of Season Presentation - Season 8

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Today was the AllStar Cup Final and End of Season Presentation. With the AllStar Cup Final weekend the format is slightly different, instead of you collecting points to go towards the league its a weekend where the top 5 fastest Cadets on the day race in the afternoon with the top 5 fastest Seniors.

So we arrived at the track this morning and I was out in Group 2. The quali session was OK, qualifying 2nd. I got a slow getaway dropped back slightly and going into bubbas was left with nowhere to go & ended up being given an ABC of 7 places, tried to make the best of a bad situation but in the end only managed to finish P6, again not the start I wanted.

Heat 2 I was promoted up the grid 3 places so was starting P3. Again I really didn't get the best of starts and fell down the order. I dropped back down and battled hard in the end finishing P2, if I had another lap I possibly could have taken the win but P2 was the best on the day.

In the FinaI, I was starting Pole in the B Final & in order to progress I needed to keep this win. I just kept my head down and pushed with everything that I had and had a pretty straightforward race in the end winning by over 12 seconds. This then promoted me into the A Final.

Onto the A Final, it had already been a long weekend! So I was starting out P10 and in order to qualify for the AllStar Final I needed to finish within the Top 5. I had a really good start to the final, getting myself straight into P6 but the kart that I had just didn't have the legs to get up into P5. On the final lap, in the final corner I made a move which put me into P5 but was beaten across the line by 0.03. I was so disappointed. When I come off of the track I learnt that P2 couldn't actually make it back for the final, so I was then promoted up, so was into the AllStar Final by the skin of my teeth.

Collecting My P1 Trophy From Last Week With My Beautiful

Cousin & Sister, Thanks For Coming To Cheer Me On

Having being given the chance of another shot at winning the AllStar Cup, I knew I had to give it everything that I had. The best I managed to qualify was P5 which I wasn't overly pleased with, however starting P5 meant that I was on the inside of the track which I feel is an advantage, especially when racing against the Seniors as you don't want to get stuck on the outside of the track, falling down the order.

I had a brilliant start and by the time I got to Bubbas was sitting in P2 with Lewis Davis following really closely behind me. Jake had already started to pull a lead and I just tried as best as I could to keep with him but my kart just didn't have enough to keep up. In the end I pulled a small lead from Lewis and finished as runner up for the 2nd AllStar Cup Final in a row, will next time be 3rd time lucky? You will just have to keep following my progress throughout next season to see what happens!

My trophy haul from Season 7

x3 Wins, x1 P2's & x5 P3's

P2 - AllStar Cup Final

1 Cadet Championship

The Cadet Championship Presentation

The AllStar Cup Final Presentation

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