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Rye House Kart Raceway - Jenson Cup - Round 5

We are back at Rye House for Round 5 of the Jenson Cup. The evening started out with the standard 15 minute Quali session which decided the grid for the race.

I had an awful Quali and the best that I could manage was P5, the kart that I had was ridiculously bumpy as you will be able to see from the footage and again as I'm one of the heavier drivers this doesn't help me out with straight line speed.

As I thought I would, I dropped back from the start but once I started getting up to speed I was able to make my way through the pack again. I actually really enjoyed this race as I had some great battles along the way but because of these battles it just let the pole sitter go off into the distance. So by the time I made my way towards the front of the grid he was off into the distance with no chance of catching.

A late move on the final lap see me clinch P2 for Round 5 & a podium finish in every round that I have raced to date.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Round 6 brings next month.

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