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Brentwood Super League - Season 3 - Round 9

So we are back for Round 9 of the Championship and hoping for better things this week!

I thought I had secured P3 in Quali, this was until I was sent to the grid and I was P4 so my initial happiness was short lasted as I was now on the outside of the track, not the best place to be.

I survived the first few corners, despite being on the outside, I just held my line and didn't back out of any corners. The kart that I had just seemed to lack so much straight line speed in comparison to the other karts around me, but in the end after losing the position & dropping down to P5 I made a late lunge on the final lap to secure P4.

Heat 2 I was starting P6 on the grid. I made good progress in the opening few laps and soon found myself up into P3. There was a move ahead for the lead and I took advantage of that & moved up to P2. The lead changed again and I made a move which see me hit with an ABC, so I had to give the position back again. I couldn't have done this any better if I had tired and didn't lose any additional places and was a case of making the move stick this time.

On the next lap I was clear behind so was preparing my attack to claim back P2 and once this move was made I had my sights set on pole! I was gaining so much lap after lap and soon found myself sitting on the back of pole however with the minutes ticking down I couldn't manage the win but was happy with P2.

Next up was the A Final and I was starting P3 on the grid, the only trouble was it was starting to rain! The start was carnage and I fell down the order, I couldn't get anything out of the kart at all and continued falling and before I knew it I was last and was so far off of the pace it was so frustrating. What could have been a positive day all just unravelled in that final.

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