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BIKC Regional Finals

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

We arrived at TeamSport Brighton all ready for the BIKC Regional Finals on 14th November. The format was longer than the Local Finals as there was more competitors.

We was split down into 2 groups and then had to run 3 heats each to make up a final grid for the final race.

First up was qualifying. I was very nervous as I had never raced at this track before so I didn't really know what to expect, but put in the best performance I could really and qualified 7th out of 10, not the greatest of starts.

Next up was my first heat which I finished 3rd in a much better start to the competition, putting in my new track record.

Then onto Heat 2. This was definitely tricker as I was placed near the back of the grid to try and fight my way to the front. It wasn't the best of finishing positions coming 7th out of 10 again, however I was getting quicker and again made a new Personal Best.

Heat 3 was placed midfield and didn't really make any progress, had lots of defensive driving and managed to hold my position without going back in the pack which was my main objective.

I made it straight into the A Final, which I was over the moon with for my first attempt on track here but started out 11th out of 12 drivers, so I had a really big challenge, but I quite like being near the back, you can see what's happening ahead and try to take opportunities as they happen.

In the end I managed to climb my way to 9th, so overall on the day I finished 9th out of 20 which I was really proud of.

I 100% was the smallest one in the group!

Mum claimed my medal, I'll let her have that for taking me to Brighton

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